Current Date:May 29, 2024

Chris Wacker of Laserfiche: “Shifting to remote has been a good experience for us and the last nine months have taught us a lot”

There are many wonderful perks that come with being CEO of the company producing the world’s finest information management software. One of them is the perspective gained working with all the wonderful, talented people involved in that production. That perspective was changed significantly when our entire staff was tasked with converting operations to a remote work platform due to the COVID pandemic. Another perk of being CEO is people want to hear my perspective which I shared recently in an interview in Thrive Global. The reporters and editors involved did a particularly nice job putting it all together, so I’m sharing it here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It’s linked to the paragraph below.

We have always known that employees have different preferences, but we now know that our employees can be extremely effective in a remote work situation. In a sense, our employees are working longer hours since […]