Current Date:May 24, 2024

Almost there ! Day 11 – Transpac 2017

Yesterday we approached the area normally served by the Trade Winds. In fact, they are the most reliable winds on the entire 2250 mile course. They normally blow out of the east at 90 compass degrees. We had anticipated and charted the course to the finish based on this expectation. However, as we changed our course to ride these winds, they shifted 45 degrees to the northeast. We changed our course in a westerly direction anticipating a jibe after 200 miles which would take us to the Molakai channel to Honolulu. It is a disappointment and it adds 12 to 15 hours to our travel time.

We did, however, go through 2 squalls last night which added briefly to the excitement and speed.

Meanwhile, the issue with the rudder has resurfaced. We have isolated the problem to a bad ball bearing which acts upon a port tack which we are currently traveling on. It is like driving a car with power steering which doesn’t work. It is hard to steer. However, we are moving fast at approximately 11-13 knots so we don’t expect to be on it much longer.

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